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A language is born...

Welcome to jolo, a 3rd Millennium language designed for a rapid digital world.


jolo was created as a global hug: a language that bridges linguistic gaps and breaks verbal barriers, in a world dominated by speedy global communication.

jolo is an attempt to simplify verbal communication to the essential, most intuitive ingredients required for establishing a complete dialogue. It presents a full grammar, which can be COMPREHENSIVELY mastered in 2-3 hours only, and a constantly growing dictionary, which at the moment consists of more than 17,700 words (!).

After a couple of hours of studying, you will have no more GRAMMAR to learn, ever. Best way to learn more and more WORDS is by communicating.

Basic features for fulfilling the vision of jolo:

  • NO conjugations of verbs (and adjectives).

  • NO cases.

  • NO genders.

  • No construct state.

  • Speak intuitively. For example, EVERY word order is correct.

  • Immediate way to identify the role of words in a sentence.

  • Flexible idiom-based language which hugs native structures and tendencies: There is no "one correct way" of speaking jolo.

jolo was created by Guy Finkelstein (M.A. History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas, Tel Aviv University), an Israeli author and a language aficionado, who has a vision of creating a global hug in the form of a super-simple, fully-functional and equality-based language.

Special thanks go to the adventurous jolo pioneers: Dr. Anat Moshe, Arie Goldberg, Atty. Daniel Schorr, Dr. Eyal Gruss, Geula Sheena, Jerry Harel, Jesse Burke, Liron Efrati, Meydan Tayar, Nir Malbogat and Roy Geiger. Very special thanks go to Atty. Raz Livnat, for his endless support, belief and good will. A big jolo (hug) goes to Dr. David Sheinberg, for caring and assisting. Finally, I cannot thank enough to Prof. Isaac Ben Israel, the first person with whom I shared my initial idea, for more than 10 years of constant support and belief in me.

For questions and collaborations, please contact me:

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